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3 eCommerce Homepage Design Tips That Will Turn Traffic into Sales

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2018

I am writing this blog post to tell you that marketing is not the answer.

I am thankful that marketing is not the answer because it can be expensive! Here’s the thing: if you want to turn traffic into sales, you don’t need to hire a marketing agency, or a web development team. You just need to think about your customer and simplify your eCommerce shop.

I am swimming in notes on how to make your homepage engaging. In this blog post, I will deliver 3 eCommerce design tips that will turn traffic into sales.

Reader, don’t simply let this information pass you by. Apply each step on this page and watch as web visitors stay on your site longer, clicking through to product pages and adding orders to your business. You will never again have to complain how hard it is to get web visitors to buy from your eCommerce store, I promise.

Rule 1: Make Sure You Create a Clear and Compelling Headline

Top tip number 1? Make sure you display a compelling headline invites the viewer to take action on your homepage. Do this by starting your headline with a verb.

A headline is most likely the first thing you will communicate to your website visitors. Get this wrong, and you will soon lose the attention of anyone that is checking your site out, for the first time.

Have a look at popular website, Beauty Counter. At our time of review, the homepage reads “Care About Your Skin Care.” It’s a bold headline and draws your eye, immediately.

Beauty Counter’s headline is completed with a sub-heading, which reads: “Get results with clearer ingredients in every step of your routine. Now featuring the all-new Beauty Counter Plus collection!” Of course, if your homepage headline should ASK the reader to take action, thus, the sub-heading should tell your reader HOW to take action. Make the sub-heading as personal as can be. What benefits will your reader gain from clicking through to your website?

Rule 2: Design a Hero Image that Relates to Your Ideal Customer

In this section, open SquareSpace and check out their homepage. First things first: Squarespace use a small logo. Too often, logos will take up a lot of room on a homepage. The truth is: customers don’t care about your logo. They want to know what your business will do for them. How will it solve their problem?

The one thing that Squarespace do exceptionally well is imagery. Instead of designing a site that focuses on fancy text and clever borders, they have used images in which their ideal customer is using their product. The image that sits alongside your headline is called a ‘hero image.’ In that hero image, you must show what success looks like for your customer.

Rule 3: Differentiate Between New Customers and Existing Customers

One eCommerce trend that has been popular in recent years is the shift from desktop to mobile. If you run an eCommerce website, you will have to think about mobile, prep for mobile and make provision for mobile!

Personalisation is the next big movement to start hitting ecommerce websites. What do we mean by that? Your customers web journey will become tailored, much more specific to them. So, rather than just having one kind of way everybody interacts with your website, you’ll change it depending on who is visiting your website.

Think about Amazon’s website If one person uses Amazon to buy books, they will automatically see books when they login to Amazon’s ecommerce website. Whereas, if another user shops technology and gadgets on Amazon, they will see new gadgets when they log in. The site is personalised towards you and your buying habits. This draws your visitors in to shop something they are particularly interested in.

Top tip: when someone comes to your website and you don’t know who they really are, because you’ve not stored a cookie on their computer, treat them as a new lead. You will have to woo them and turn them into a first time buyer.

For example, if you visit the site The Jersey Beauty Company you will notice that the call to action reads ‘try free samples, create a skin profile.’ This is targeted to new visitors. If you are new to Jersey Beauty Company and you don’t know what to buy, you will want to try some free samples.

The best part is, new customers are sent free samples with a free £5 voucher, which enables them to become a customer.

The bottom line is: make sure your homepage predominantly assumes everybody is a new customer. Clearly show the brans that you sell so that people who have never shopped with you instantly know what you are about. Show best sellers, a welcome video and introduce people to your business culture – make them feel comfortable, as though they’ve arrived home.

If you know that the person visiting your website is already a customer, why not display products that they have purchased before? That way, customers can enjoy a pain-free experience when returning to your store to buy their favourite product.

So: differentiate between your new customers and existing customers, wherever you can, on your homepage. That is where eCommerce is going, that is where you should be looking to invest your money where tech is concerned. Think about creating a tailored, personalised experience and don’t leave this to your web designer! You will need to give heaps of direction, as an eCommerce business owner.

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