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Stop Being ‘Super Dad’ and Enjoy Parenting Kids & Teenagers For Real

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2017

Dads: You Have The Best Job...Ever!!


Whether you are a Father figure, or you have your own children, there is nothing quite like parenting. Being a Dad is all encompassing. You can’t explain how incredible your role as a parent truly is, because Fathering doesn’t boil down to one, single great moment or detail.

According to, the word ‘synergy’ refers to: “the interaction of elements that, when combined, produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of individual elements.” And I would say that is totally accurate about being a Dad. You look at the individual elements of your role as ‘Father’ and they are all fantastic. But when you put them all together, the sum of the parts is greater than the individual elements alone.

As an entrepreneur, I do believe being a Dad is the best job ever: it is the most fun, rewarding, loving, joy-giving, life-enhancing experience I think I have ever had.

Here's What Happened When I Became a Dad

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not trying to be ‘Super Dad’. I stopped trying to be ‘Super Dad’ within a few weeks after the birth of our eldest son. Why? Because I couldn’t live up to the world’s expectations of what it is to be a remarkable Father.

My prayer as a Father has always been: “Lord, help me not to screw them up too much.” Here is the thing: I am not going to be the perfect parent. You are not going to be the perfect parent. In the early days, this was a remarkable revelation to me.

I appreciate that my story might be different to yours. I have a real, privileged family life in the sense that my wife and I still, deeply love each other, so my kinds are growing up in a loving home. Because of this: I get to see them every day. But I understand that not everyone is in the same boat as me – the heart behind this blog post was certainly not to induce shame.

The truth is: kids start life as little babies and they are 100% dependant on you. They cry for no reason whatsoever and it can drive you nuts. Yet, at the same time, children’s younger years bring incredible moments such as your child’s first steps or first word. Hang on in there if you have a tiny baby, before you know it you will be saying, “Man, this is amazing,” more often than not.

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