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How to find your passion and purpose

Uncategorized Aug 30, 2017

Discovering our purpose and passion in what we do is something Matt has good experience in as he answers these questions in this instalment of the 'Question of the vlog'.

How do you discover your passion and find your purpose in life? Well, that question has a huge question mark at the end of it and it's what we're going to try and tackle in this week's show. Whilst this might seem like a deep topic, for me this is really at the heart of what I call venturing. Venturing is kind of like my life philosophy, for want of a better expression, and so many people wrestle with questions like "What do I do with my life?" Or "what career path should I take," and all these questions that rattle around in our heads.

While this may seem like a deep topic, it’s really the heart of venturing. So many people wrestle with questions like “what should I do with my life?” “What career path should I take?” I have 5 tips that will help you to discover what you are passionate about. These questions will help you get unstuck in life and hopefully give you a really simple, positive outlook on your current situation, whatever that may be.

1. Eliminate Comparison. 

If you are constantly comparing yourself to what other people are doing, you won’t embrace who you are to become. Running a beauty company, I talk a lot about comparison – it triggers shame. Beauty industry tradition is to use images that trigger comparison and shame for women. It’s madness because the pictures used by the beauty industry are actually photoshopped. Hell would freeze over before anyone could look like these perfect, photoshopped images. Yet, they work to trigger comparison.
> Got rid of images.
> Back to the point - comparrison is the curse of the modern world.
In the same way, are you looking to unrealistic comparisons? What are you comparing yourself to? Inspiration or condemnation?

2. Go Against Culture

University is a standard these days. In the UK it is almost expected that an individual will finish school and move on to university studies. It’s not a bad thing, but it is important that you question the norm. Don’t simply go with the cultural flow. Ask questions – are you taking a step to ‘fit in’ or because you really want to.
> Happy. Remarkable. You. comes in the opposite spirit.
> Beauty based on grace.
> Go against something when it is wrong - and it doesn’t fit with your value set. Current beauty goes against my value set - so I want to change that. 

3. Just do Something

Try is one of my values.
Try is an experiment, an experience that we can evaluate and learn from. It is having a go, often without all the answers. It is making the most of every opportunity.
What would happen if you adopted that ‘try’ philosophy? What if you stopped thinking in a black and white way? What if there was another way? My philosophy is venturing. Venturing looks for things that you could try without being reckless and ignorant of the risks.
Could you try the idea of your business in a small, risk free way? Would that then open up other roads for opportunities travel towards you? Could trying a few smaller things lead to the big thing that you want: your own business?
Everyone can try. Trying is much much easier.
You might find it hard to start a business, write a book or change the world. But how would you feel if you stopped focusing on that? Focus instead on try. What could you try? You feel like it becomes a lot more possible when you look at what you can try instead of the whole picture.
Try writing an outline for your book. How’d that feel? Is it worth the investment for you to go to the next stage?
If you’re starting a business - what could you try that won’t cost you a whole great deal? e.g. Photo Copy test.

4. Make the Most of Every Opportunity 

Opportunity is out there for all of us, just waiting to be discovered. There are hundreds, if not thousands of opportunities out there for each and every one of us.
Opportunities come in countless forms and discuses, they can be large monster things or small, apparently insignificant things. Ugly, or pretty, one thing is for sure – opportunities always, and I mean always, lead to more opportunities.
We miss so much of what life has to offer us because we are focused on those things outside our control. Often what we think we need to change our lives is not what we really need at all. Perhaps what we really need is that opportunity that is in front of you, right now?
What opportunities are available to you?
> Didn’t set out to be the king of beauty. There were a series of opportunties that came along that I had a go at. I tried - computer code when I was a kid…website for a friend…hobby company…selling tanning products…selling beauty products…didn’t like the industry…now want to change it.

5. Write a Journal 

Discovering your passion usually requires a little bit of thought.
I started to journal years ago and I haven’t looked back since, I only wish I could have started many years ago. It is a brilliant way for me to help form ideas, ask questions and even try to understand how I think about something. Journaling, more than anything else, has helped me understand my brain and me.
I journal about anything and everything, whatever I am thinking about at the time. Sometimes I will write about what is happening almost like a diary. Often though, I journal questions to try and understand my thinking, to try and understand what my default is.
Try it yourself, journal every day for at least 15 minutes a day and see what happens when you give yourself just a moment of breathing space. Chances are you already know what you are passionate about, you just haven’t paid enough attention to your thoughts.


So, hopefully by now you’ve been inspired to take action and move forward and live life for all it’s worth. Don’t wait around to be inspired, choose to venture, to get going and you will discover your purpose sure enough. 

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