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Start the Day Right

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2017


Matt shares some of the changes that come with the journey of being a regular Facebook-Live(r), he has a run-in with Apple and their repair services, and answers the 'Question of the Vlog' on how to best set yourself up at the start of each day.

Let's talk about my step-by-step guide on how I start the day right. Now, it is worth saying right at the start that this doesn't happen everyday for me. It happens most days. There needs to be some flexibility I think in anybody's schedule to cope with things that just come out of the blue or just because you fancy doing something differently that day and that's fine. All these things can be fixed and moved and adapted because that's the way it should be when we're entrepreneurs and venturists and we're out there, things need to be movable. Routines are great, but make sure that whatever routine you have, it can be adapted.

3 Steps to Starting the Day Right

1. Plan Your Day

Here's the first thing that I do most days, that is, plan the day that is in front of me. Now what do I mean by this? For me, I record everything, all my appointments and everything in a Google Calendar as are my wife's, as are my kids, as are the management teams in the companies that I work with. Google Calendar is brilliant. It's a shared app and we all use it. We've all got our calendars on there and I find that it is super helpful. As much as I love Google calendar, I'm not one of those guys that schedules out my day minute by minute. I know that works for some people, but for me, it doesn't really seem to work and I seem to spend more time scheduling out my day minute by minute than actually doing the work sometimes. I have a slightly different routine, but what I do is I like to plan out the key chunks of my day actually with pen and paper so I use something called the self-journal and I make a list. I look at what's in front of me in the day. I look at my to-do list, which I use Asana. I've mentioned that before, get everything into Asana. I look at that list and ask what are the top three things I need to get done today starting with the biggest item that's the most priority and is going to give me the most impact? By the end of the day, usually I've got at least one of those items done off that to-do list. Sometimes I might get 15 or 20 things done, depends how quickly I can rock and roll through those things, but I find that really helpful just to plan out the day, just to think about what it is I need to get done, what's urgent, what's important, what are the priorities, what's the impact, and get those in the diary. If I do that, my day tends to be much more productive so I always make sure I plan the day.

2. Journal

The second thing that I like to do is to journal. Now journaling is one of those things where a lot of people just don't get it. You can journal about anything. When I first started journaling, I would just write whatever thoughts came into my head about anything to do with anything and so, my early journals may seem like a bit of rambling, but that's okay because there's no right or wrong answer and people generally aren't going to read these things. Now I do use an app these days called Day One. It's a great app. I really like it because I can use it across multiple devices. I have a standard template that I use each day that I just copy and paste into my journal and that template just starts off by asking what am I grateful for and I write down three things that I'm grateful for that morning. On that list is going to be an affirmation or two, and that changes from time to time. I might write down the name of a person that I want to send a note to and some of the key points that I want to put in that note. I also have my prayer list. Now I've mentioned this before, I appreciate not everybody has the faith that I have which is fine, but for me, prayer is one of those important things. It helps me process what is going on and helps me connect with people and with a world bigger than me. I have a list of things that I will want to pray about, but I also have a list of things that I want to pray for for other people and so just set time aside in the morning just to think about other people and to pray for them. It sets me up right. It's good to think of others at the start of the day. That's the template that I use. Sometimes, I do journal about what I am studying too so there may be a book that I'm reading or a topic that I'm studying. Although I tend to find that I do go through seasons. Sometimes I'll do this in the morning, but more often than not, I tend to do it later in the day. Like I say, these are routines. They're not hard and fast rules and they can be adapted so sometimes, I'll include in the journal some study that I'm doing at that point in time.

3. Eat Well

The third thing I like to do is eat breakfast, a really good breakfast. I'm not talking like a slice of toast or a bowl of rabbit food. I'm talking about food, man. I can't eat and run out the door at the same time. My day just sucks if I don't eat breakfast first thing in the morning and a good breakfast at that. I'm not after something that's just going to give me a temporary sugar high. I've tried the porridge thing. It doesn't really work for me, but I do tend to eat some kind of egg concoction first thing in the morning, whether it's poached eggs, scrambled eggs, occasionally might be a fried egg, but it usually involves at least three of them. It's good to get some protein in your breakfast. The other thing that I do is I drink a lot of water because you're going to get dehydrated. You've not drank anything obviously through the night and so you're going to wake up dehydrated. I also take a multivitamin. The one I take is VegVit by Vegetology in case you're interested and I also take two of their omega-3 tablets. If you want to find out more about Vegetology, just go on over to and you can order their stuff and they ship anywhere in the world. It's really good stuff. I'm really pleased with that stuff. Take those every morning and then, that's about it. Then I'm good to go. Once I've eaten my breakfast, planned my day, done a bit of journaling, I'm usually good to go either to the office or I work at home or I'll go work somewhere else if it's a space day, but that's normally how I set it up.

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