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The Importance of Good Friendships

Uncategorized Sep 18, 2017

Friends are truly important to me. Friends bring courage, especially good friends
that are really interested in you being something more than just average. They
can bring out the best in you, set you on the right path.

Today, I have 4 reasons why making friends and pursuing lifelong friendships is
crucial. No matter how old you are, or what job you find yourself in. No man is an
Island. I am coming from the perspective of a Dad here – talking about how
friendships really help whatever circumstances I’m going through as a family
man and an entrepreneur.

1. Great Friends Know You

It is really important to be known. To allow someone know how you think, feel,
what you do – how you life your life. Let people get to know you and allow
yourself to know others.

2. Great Friends are For You

Not everyone is going to have your back, but making friends and pursuing
lifelong friendships will ensure that there are people that are for you, no matter

3. Great Friends Bring Laughter

What about fun and laughter? What about spontaneity? What about forgetting
the plan and seizing the moment? What about a radical departure from the
strategy map without having a guilt seizure?

Even if you have lots on at work you need fun. In fact, stacking up your goals and
workloads is pretty pointless without fun. You aim is to make the most of every
opportunity, not just the ones at work.

4. Great Friends Share Stories

If you have some great friends, sit down with them and start a discussion around
a default and ask ‘why?’ Get them to ask ‘why?” Write down any questions you
are dealing with and see where they take you. My good close friends, especially
the ones that believe anything is possible, are a real source of opportunity,
asking questions for me.

Let me give you an example of how this works. A few friends and I were sat
around in the pub last night talking about our respective jobs. One friends was a
Doctor who regularly gets extra work doing death certificates. They take little
time to do and are quite lucrative, paying for the annual holiday. Another friend
was a teacher, he was lamenting about how teachers don’t really get opportunity
to increase their salary through being a teacher. I immediately disagreed and
said it had to be possible. We started to talk about different ideas about how this
teacher could increase his income using the skills he has acquired as a teacher. I
found it really useful because we were talking about possibilities in all the ideas
we had. Who knows where this innocent conversation between friends will lead
for him and his family.


Make it priority to see your friends on a weekly basis. You need them and they
need you! It will help you become as awesome as you were made to be, it will
enhance all areas of life. You can do this!

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