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Uncategorized Sep 11, 2017

Matt talks about some of his personal experiences of crisis within business and shares why his company lived to fight another day in the midst of precarious circumstances.

3 Things to Avoid When Running Your Next Online Promotion/Sale 

1. Avoid randomly-times sales/ acts of marketing

Instead make sure you schedule and plan a pre-sale in the building up to your sale-date Make sure you are honest with your customers when things are out of stock. This isn’t always a negative thing. People always want something they can’t have; so follow this up with an email ensuring when it’ll be back in stock and whether the customer might have to then pay full price. Ensuring good circulation on social media platforms as well as via other possible mediums about the upcoming sale. This flooding of the marketing outlets means that all customers will inevitably anticipate the sale date and, often, will be prepared to buy something.

2. Avoid generic sales and aim to personalise your sales opportunities

An example of good personalisation of a sale is Amazon and their prime day. You’ve got to be clever and aim to sell the ‘right product information to the right person at the right time.’ There are generic sales throughout the year that every business that has a marketing structure adheres to: Summer and January sales for example as well as more festive windows for sales like Christmas and Easter. Whilst these opportunities can prove useful, every other competitor is also most likely to have a sale on at this time as well, so being more creative and tactful in planning your sales could be something that gets you standing out from the crowd.

3. Avoid trying to out-do your competitors

Don’t fret when your competitors have a better sale on than you. Don’t let it dictate you and aim to be strategic with your planning instead. You have to have the peace of mind about what your competitors are doing and be confident in your building of your own backlog of customers that you can start to develop a loyalty with.

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