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What does Matt actually do?

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2017

Matt's saga with his Mac being repaired goes on and he also unpacks the 'Question of the vlog' surrounding what his job actually looks like on a day-to-day basis.

Matt’s day-to-day is split into working with his numerous businesses. Being an entrepreneur Matt spreads himself thin in managing the companies he is involved in. There are three main companies that Matt manages; ‘The Jersey Beauty Company,’ ‘Kurious,’ and ‘Matt Edmundson Ltd.’ The biggest out of these companies is ‘The Jersey Beauty Company,’ this has been going on for over ten years now so is a well-oiled, fully functioning, machine. This means Matt has been able to delegate most of the management of the day-to-day of Jersey to focus on the running and the development of the other, younger projects.

‘Kurious Commerce’ is a newly established business that operates as a consultancy service to stable eCommerce businesses. They also will provide an eCommerce platform for these businesses. They are a proven, nimble and lightweight organisation that looks to boost clients onto the higher echelons of the eCommerce world. 

‘Matt Edmundson Ltd’ consists of online courses and sales in digital products. The view of it is to serve as something entrepreneurs can refer to for advice and guidance in entering the eCommerce world as ‘Upstarters.’ This is covered by online courses produced by Matt to give newbies a step-by-step process to follow. As well as this, there is content that Matt produces for this organisation that is free and provides less specific lessons for those new to eCommerce.

Matt’s recent venture out into the world of vlogging has meant that his time can mostly be consumed with assessing the possibilities of further developing his use of the vlogging platform. Therefore, due to delegation and the seasonal nature of ‘Jersey Beauty Company’ Matt can focus on various aspects of each company as and when he’s needed. A lot of all this is still fresh off the press so Matt is expanding his wingspan in order to fully share his wealth of experience. He likes to take risks and step out into unchartered territory when he can, so these recent ventures are not surprising for those who know him well. There are undoubtedly new and exciting times ahead for Matt through these opportunities.

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