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eCommerce Website Review: 6 Steps to Convert Customers Who've Never Heard of Your Product!

animation film Mar 15, 2019

 Hi, my name is Matt Edmundson and I am an eCommerce coach offering free website reviews! Head over to to order your own free eCommerce website review.

In today’s video, I review - this is a website that sells soft gel balls and battery powered Gelsoft guns for family fun shooter games.

I have 6 tips for Gelsoft on reviewing their website:

Have a clear headline. Your prospects need to understand what you are offering within the first fold. So have a clear headline on the hero image, not below. Something like ‘SAFE FAMILY FUN’ instantly tells prospects that this is a game and then when they see pictures of the kids using the product they will start to understand it’s a shooting game.

Use videos of your product. You have some excellent pictures of the products, but I need to see the Gelsoft game in action. Have videos explaining how the game and the guns work - what makes one gun better than the other.

Make sure FAQ’s are clear and EVERYWHERE! As a family man, I have a lot of questions about this product. I am interested - because I have 2 boys that would love this. But I want to know what is the best gun, how much ammo do I need for a game with my sons? Is this legal? Where can I play? What happens to the ammo once the game is over? Is it biodegradable? Make sure all of these questions are answered, either in an FAQ section or on a series of YouTube videos or a blog.

Personally, I want to see more video from you. Increase the level of education so that you are informing people who don’t know what Gelsoft is. Make sure your social media icons work! Don’t leave me guessing what the name of your Facebook page is, link me there from the website so I can see people talking about the product.

Work with local Gelsoft Clubs Are there any Gelsoft clubs you could work with? You could direct people to experience an afternoon of Gelsoft so that they get to know the brand.

Direct prospects to an amazing offer You could run an offer that allows people to get 50 free ammo shots when they buy a Gelsoft gun? Offers really seal the deal - your product is already brilliant and interesting and peaks interest, so a great offer would really help those people like me who are interested, but need extra convincing.

CONCLUSION I hope these 6 tips help Gelsoft improve sales conversion rates.

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