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eCommerce Website Review: Perfecting the Customer Journey, so that They Buy More

animation film Mar 15, 2019


Hi, my name is Matt Edmundson - digital business coach and entrepreneur. I offer a free website review to anyone who signs up at

In this video, I review who requested a review, commenting that their main goal is to increase conversion rate. I want to help Express Safety perfect their customer journey in 3 easy steps.


First, separate your calls to action.In the first fold of your website you have to communicate quickly what it is you do and how you can help your prospects. In your hero image you have 3 options which are not clearly separated and can seem a little overwhelming and cluttered. Just pick one broad sentence that explains with clarity what your website does for the customer. That’s step one in the customer journey, they need to feel as though you are going to solve their problem as soon as they land on your website. Hold their hand, explain what you do and then tell them clearly where to click.


Once your prospect is on the product page, that page needs to be clearly designed so that the image appears shows and looks brilliant. Don’t make your prospect work out pricing - I can see it costs £2.20 per mask - but I can only buy in boxes of 10! The biggest reason people abandon cart is the costs are not clear and right now, yours are not clear on Express Safety. Moreover the price is way too big. Be clear on the price and make it easier to buy. Make sure related products are clear and there’s 4 or 5 of them so that your prospect doesn’t end up going to another website to find a similar product. You want them to browse on your site. Loose any tabs on a product page, just make the page scroll-able - most people will be shopping on mobile and will just want to scroll through all content. Especially don’t hide videos behind tabs - videos really help pages stay engaging and ultimately boost SEO. But if your prospect can’t find the video because they have to click tabs, you will lose the benefits of having a video.

STEP 3 One of the biggest flaws in the customer journey on Express Safety is that you have not tried to upsell me anything! I can checkout but you’ve not asked me to buy an extra product at all. You need to work at increasing the Average Order Value. Increasing AOV will give you more money to play with for marketing, which will ultimately get you more customers. Try selling extras at the checkout. Or send an email with a special offer as soon as the customer checks out. Use phrases like: “Wait - you’ve forgotten something…” You will notice a massive improvement in terms of profit, which then can be used to go out and get more customers.

CONCLUSION Follow the 3 steps above to improve your customer journey.

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