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eCommerce Website Review: Tips for Increasing Engagement and Conversions

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2019


Hi, my name is Matt Edmundson and I am an eCommerce coach offering free website reviews! Head over to to order your own free eCommerce website review.

In today’s video, I review, an eCommerce business that sells glasses and frames.

Tip 1 - Pop UP
First thing I see when I visit your site is a pop up. My concern is that I don’t think many people would read that worse it may turn potential customers away from your site. If you are going to use it I would suggest you find a way to use less text and make the sign up more clear. An image or even a video of a sleeve being used would probably help put the pop up into context.

Tip 2 - Mobile
With an eCommerce business that sells glasses and frames, images are a big conversion factor for you. You’ll probably find that more people come to you via the mobile than the desktop. Looking at your site on the mobile I see that the first image is landscape. Mobile phones now are geared for portrait images that use up alot more of the real estate. I made the assumption that you could do that because you are using two separate images on the mobile site and the desktop site. If you can’t then I suggest you to talk to your developers because images are a big deal for you.

Mobile sites are really important because most people use their mobiles when shopping online. You need to make sure that both sites work well. I would suggest you make the text bigger on your mobile site and the Call to Action buttons much much bigger than they currently are.

Tip 3 - Delivery
Your offer of free worldwide delivery and free returns is a big BIG deal and is one of your unique selling points but it is really to see the text on your sites. It may look cool as far as design but we’re talking here about conversions!

Tip 4 - Home Page
The images are all quite busy and distracting. I can see that you are trying to make the images more interesting but remember the golden rule: your homepage exists to get people where they need to be straight away. It’s a signpost. I don’t want to get into design because that’s very personal but i’m just telling you to be more clear on the first fold. Daphne in big bold letters is cool but doesn’t really tell me anything. We need to catch people with the headline straight off the bat.

Tip 5 - Product Page
Product page on desktop site looks good! On the mobile site I would suggest you make the text bigger and get design more in line. A couple of things that I would want to see here is some 360° images so that people can rotate around products. Secondly, when you use models you have to think about who your customers are. Maybe you could show images of models of different skin tones wearing your products. As an example, MAC makeup do this really well where they show their makeup on different skin tones.

In conclusion, rethink your homepage for both desktop and mobile sites, lose the email marketing pop up, use clearer images and work on some of the alignment functions and I think you should see some increase in conversions. On the whole, the website looks pretty cool and I think the tweaks could make it better.

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