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eCommerce Website Review: Use Your Website to Bring Greater Customer Engagement

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2019

 Hi, my name is Matt Edmundson and I am an eCommerce coach offering free website reviews! Head over to to order your own free eCommerce website review.

In today’s video, I review, an eCommerce business that sells phone and ipad cases.

Home Page
The hero image is super clear! It looks good with the lovely bright photography and I know straight away what you are selling. Testimonials and videos would be really beneficial for customer engagement.

It’s a great idea to use social media links to platforms that your customers are one. But those links need to be active and current - in essence you need to be posting on those social media platforms on a regular basis. If people come to your site and see that you haven’t posted on social media for over a year then they will not feel confident in you as a company and will not want to spend their money on your site. If you aren’t on social media then take the links off your site.

Category page
When you use infinite scrolling you need to have a filter option on the left hand side to make it easy for people to find what they are looking for. People will not want to scroll through hundreds of items to find what they are looking for. Adding simple search by filters on the left hand side of the screen will really help you. Customers could search by ipad model or case type.

A suggestion if you have people coming to your site who don’t know their ipad model, you could add a video in the hero section explaining how people can identify their model number.

From a design perspective, I would suggest using lettering that is closer together. That is much easier to read.

Product page
Videos of products being used and perhaps explaining some of their features would be super helpful for customers to get a better idea of whether they like it. I would also suggest that you add reviews for all the products.

Product titles need to make sense so that customer aren’t left guessing. The product title should be a clear description of the product.

In summary, home page was great but you need to stay on top of social media. The category page needs filters and the grouping of products to help with the infinite scroll. And finally, for the product page, add reviews, videos and change product titles.

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