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Q8 What Industries Do You See Benefit Most From Social Media Marketing?

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2019

 Hi, I’m Matt Edmundson - today, I am answering the question ‘what industries do you see benefit most from social media marketing?’ Great question! However I think it is the wrong question. The reason is, I am not convinced that social media marketing is industry dependant but rather dependant on how well you know your customer.

Those that are profiting from social media marketing really understand their customers. They look to have a presence on the exact same social platforms on which their potential customers can be found. They post relevant content that their potential customers easily connect with.

Makeup and skincare websites often benefit from YouTube and Instagram as their customers are looking at colour, shades and how to use the products to create a specific look. Take Trinny London, for example, a makeup brand started by Trinny Woodall who simply recorded videos of her applying makeup and skincare until she built up an audience to launch her makeup to.

Likewise, it works in the Online Course industry. I have an online eCommerce Mastery course and I tend to advertise on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram or whatever social media platform where the customers are.

The key point is not the industry but understanding your customer. Knowing who and where your customers are, you can then use the relevant social media platform to promote to them.

Here’s two questions to think about when you are looking to benefit from social media marketing…

1 What is the typical age of your customer?

The demographic of social media changes depending on their age. Younger potential customers will likely be on Shapchat whilst older customers may be on Facebook and Instagram. Think about what platforms the relevant age groups hang out in so that you can reach them.

2 What is your product?

If I look at my Beauty company, I know that the products we sell work well displayed on video. If I look at my Web Design company and want to reach new people, my product is a web design service. A video wouldn’t work in this context but LinkedIn would be a good platform to reach potential clientele.


The secret to good social media marketing then is totally based on how well you know your customer. Ask these two questions to get your started and then carry out regular surveys with your customers to understand them better and to create stronger connections with them on social media.

The best way to be successful at social media marketing is to find out where your customers are and post what they post!

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