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eCommerce Website Review: How to Increase Traffic for an Online Clothing Website

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2019

 The owner of asks the question "how can I increase traffic for my clothing site?"

There are 2 things that you need to do if you want to get traffic to your new, online clothing store.

1. Pick Your Niche has 3 listed product types 'MMA (mixed martial arts) clothing, streetwear and apparel." Rather than have 3 - niche down to 1. MMA seems like a great niche for a clothing store as it means you can reach out to big names in MMA and get them to support your brand. Find people that are connected to MMA and start by simply introducing them to your site. This is the one thing you want to become known for. Send free products to those interested in MMA with a large following.

2. Pay for traffic
The truth is, organic SEO, organic social media and word of mouth marketing will take time. If you want extra-fast results, you do need to pay for traffic. Paying for traffic doesn't have to come at a loss - you can easily break even on the first sale and then nurture that customer to buy again and again.


Time and time again, you will see newly launched eCommerce sites with tonnes of paid traffic but no sales.

So - before you even think about paying for Facebook ads or Google shopping - make sure your website is geared up for conversion.

- Get rid of any instant pop-ups that appear when you first visit the site. These can be distracting, and can also cost you a lot of money. It's better to offer discount codes to loyal customers and focus on making the customers first product order sound incredible. Discounting before they've seen the product puts an instant seed of doubt in the prospect's mind.

- Make sure that it's clear what your website is about. For the text in hero image needs to say 'clothing for MMA fans' with a link to your bestselling product/ biggest offer. Your hero image needs to fill the first fold, it cannot be too small or too big. Things like logos and navigation shouldn't take up too much room.

- Your homepage should make sense. Feature a variety of products from your range on your homepage - not just one product type i.e hats. Showcase a variety of your best products and offers on your homepage. Make sure these products each have brilliant customer reviews and a variety of photos - especially for a clothing site, this is vital.

If, like, you want to get a free website review - simply opt in for a review LINK TO OPT IN.

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