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eCommerce Website Review: How to Create an Easy and Pleasant Shopping Experience

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2019

In this video I review, an ecommerce site that sells lashes.


The homepage is super critical for an eCommerce site because the majority of the people will come to your homepage unless they have been directed to a specific landing page from Google. The layout of the home page then is very important.

Great hero image but what you are missing straight away in this section is the Call to Action. A great headline and a clear Call to Action that says “Shop Now” or “Buy Now”. It’s important to engage people before they scroll down.



Make your homepage about your products and be sure to sell them right there on the home page. Remember your homepage is a sign post - it’s there only to get people to the right place to buy as quickly as possible.

The Virgin Trains site ( is a good example of clear Call to Actions - straight forward with easy to read sections.

My suggestion is to rework your homepage with a much bigger focus on your products.

Product Description

Create product guides to help customers understand why the product is worth buying. Give them all the detail about the features and the benefits so that they want to buy right away.

Product Reviews

Last but not least, get five reviews on every product you have. Get your friends to try the products and be willing to write reviews or contact customers who have tried the product asking for reviews. Maybe you could even consider posting videos on how to apply the lashes.

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