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eCommerce Website Review: Creating Engaging Content for Your Website

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2019

 In this video I review a fitness training site ( to help customers better engage with the site in order to create sales.

Within three seconds I was able to understand this site is offering the services of a fitness coach, Aditya Mandan. This is awesome because it’s exactly what we want to do in the first few seconds so as not to lose our customers.

Change Hero Image

A good hero image is super important for people to engage with and relate to straight away. Change yours to a video image or image of you training a customer. If your main clientele is male then show an image or a video of yourself training a male customer. Likewise with a female customer. If you have a mix of both male and female then a video fading in and out of your training a male customer and then another of you training a female customer.

Make Call to Action Visible

The more customers see your call to action the more likely  it is that they will click on it. You have a great clear call to action but you should also replace the Facebook and Instagram links on the top right hand corner with the call to action.  As people then scroll down the image, the ‘Book Now’ call to action will always be visible and at any point people can decide to book with you.

Make an offer that will draw people in. For example “Get a free personal workout if you book now.”

Add Testimonials

Testimonials are proof that you exist and also give you credibility. Add testimonials on the home page from current customers to say you’re a marvellous person and that you’ve taken them from X to Y within Z days.

Increase Blog Posts

Blog posts create greater engagement and traffic. Increase your number of blog posts. Use your YouTube channel to take videos then transcribe those videos and use transcriptions for your blog post.

Super inspiring! Keep it up!

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