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eCommerce Website Review: How to Improve Customer Experience on Your Online Store

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2019

 In this video, I review an online store, selling CBD products, giving feedback that will improve customer experience and gain more credibility.

Here’s 8 things any eCommerce site must do to improve customer experience:


  • Use people in imagery


One easy way to improve customer experience is to include images of people that represent your ideal customer. For the CBD site, you may consider using images of people with brilliant skin, looking healthy and happy. What age are your target market? Could you use images to highlight who they are?


  • Change your headline


Writing a stellar headline on your homepage isn’t easy. You must give it a lot of thought. Your headline needs to make people stop and pay attention to what you are saying. It must be compelling enough, that people want to read on - think about the key problem your products solve, can you include this in your headline? Your headline must highlight the key benefit of the product. Furthermore, your headline must lead to a clear call to action - typically that primary call to action is the sale of your most popular product.


  • Don’t use complicated jargon


For the CBD site, make sure you switch the word ‘academy’ to ‘blog’ so that it’s easier for people to understand. Most sites fall into the trap of over complicating things, making it difficult for customers to decode. Make sure your site is really easy to read, with simple terms.


  • Consider iconography to define product types


If you have various product types, an easy way to distinguish is by using clear icons to separate different types of products. Repeat iconography throughout your site, so that your customers get used to reading the site in a way that is easy. For instance, oils can have a droplet icon, making it easy for customers to understand the product type just by looking at the icon.


  • Get 5 reviews for each product


You should have a system to collect reviews. Once a month you could send out free products in exchange for reviews, or perhaps you could pass your best selling products round to different family members, asking them to give their honest feedback. It has been proven that reviews do help to secure sales, so make sure you are always collecting them - 5 reviews for each product is a worthwhile goal.


  • Make it easy for people to scroll through your product page


If people have to click to gain more information, you run the risk of people missing out on critical benefits of your product. Make sure the information on your product page is simple to follow without having to click on any tabs.


  • Offer a brilliant money-back guarantee


Your guarantee should be incredible and clear. It should seal the deal and ensure you gain sales - you need to make it clear that you offer a money-back guarantee and list all the details of what that entails. Your offer should be a no-brainer for your potential customer.


  • Check your site works for mobile


Always shop on your mobile site to evaluate your customer’s experience thoroughly. Make sure buttons are large enough to click with thumbs and that information is clear enough to read on a small screen.


The 8 steps above will ensure you have a brilliant, customer-generating website.


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