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Website Review: 5 Principles of Web Design

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2019

Hi, my name is Matt Edmundson and I am an eCommerce coach offering free website reviews! Head over to to order your own free eCommerce website review.

In today’s video, I review This isn’t actually an eCommerce website but I will share some principles of website design that you might find helpful.

Principle 1 - Relate to People

I would suggest you change the name of Infinite Cash Coach to Working at Home Woman or something way more relatable. When you are trying to connect with people you must be relatable.

Principle 2 - Don't use unnecessary buttons

You don’t need the word “Menu” to tell people it’s the menu. People just get that. You also don’t need a “Home” button in the menu because people know to click your logo. There is far too much green area on the screen and I’d suggest you rework it to make just a bar at the top.

Principle 3 - Social Media Links

If you are going to use Social Media links on your web page they need to work.

Principle 4 - Branding Identity

There is far too much green on this page and the pictures aren’t very clear. The branding identity needs more thought. There is a lot of text and no consistency with the image. A really effective way of trying to get people to buy into you as a personality is to use video in which you can talk about your brand.

Principle 5 - Consistency in Design

In order to get people to buy into you, you need to up your game with this site. Perhaps use templates from Square Space, Wix or Weebly. Use video instead of text to bring across your personality.

In conclusion, I would say the best you could possibly do would be to start again with maybe templates from Square Space or Weebly.

I’d love to hear your comments on what you think of this site, affiliate marketing, multi level marketing and pyramid schemes.

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