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What is Inbound Marketing For Your eCommerce Store?

Uncategorized Oct 21, 2018

2 years ago, I made an incredible business decision. I went inbound.

Sure, I’ve known about inbound marketing for a long time. But it’s been 2 years since I went ‘all in.’ I wanted to learn more about this thing called ‘inbound marketing.’

I Googled.

I acquired an inbound marketing company.  

And I’ve never looked back.

In this blog post I will pinpoint what inbound marketing truly is and why you must adapt some key inbound strategies in order to succeed, as an eCommerce entrepreneur. I want to highlight the importance of adapting inbound marketing practices for your online business.

I believe that this blog post can open doors for you. I want to make marketing fun again and bring heaps of web traffic to your eCommerce site.

But it’s your choice: read this post and decide whether you want to make the leap, jump to inbound and watch your success rates soar.

What is inbound marketing?

nbound marketing is, quite simply, the art of attraction. It is the process of attracting customers to your website by providing educational web content, which has been SEO optimised and published on each of your digital channels (i.e. social media platforms.)

Contrary to outbound marketing, inbound marketing is about you getting to know your customer and serving them where they are at.

I want to make this easy for you to understand. Below, you will find 4 steps a web visitor would travel if you chose to use inbound marketing:

1. Attract

Attract your web visitor by using SEO web content, such as blog posts, podcasts, eBooks or videos.

2. Conversion Pathway

Once you have attracted a web visitor using remarkable content, your aim is to set up a ‘conversion pathway.’ Simply put, you will create landing pages and web forms as an attempt to get contact information from your web visitor. The goal is to get web visitors to ‘opt in’ - give you their email address - so that they will receive more offers and content from you.

3. Get them 'Ready to Buy'

Once your web visitor is in your database, you can segment them and send automated email sequences. The goal is to get your web visitor ready to purchase. You need to ask yourself: what does my web visitor need to know, understand or receive in order to be ready to buy from my store?

4. Engagement

When they are ready to buy, it’s over to the sales team and web developers to create engagement. It is the website that will seal the deal. You could have a brilliant inbound marketing strategy, but if you don’t have a clear and engaging website, you might not receive the sales your marketing strategies deserve!

How to Attract Customers to Your Website

Inbound marketing is about attracting your customers to your website or blog, like a magnet attracts metal.

You can do this by creating content that appeals to them. Simply put, you will need to answer your dream customer’s biggest questions, in relation to your brand. Of course, in order to answer their biggest questions you will need to spend time on marketing research. Survey your existing and potential customers over and over again, until you understand their thoughts and feelings, surrounding your product, your industry and your brand.

You might be able to segment your customers into different categories based on age, gender and lifestyle. This is called hyper-segmenting. It’s a critical part of inbound marketing.

Hyper-segmenting customers = not sending one email to everybody. You're sending maybe one email to one person. Segmenting your customers means that you are communicating in context. Because if you are clever about the way you communicate with them through the automation, the segmenting. All that sort of stuff. Then you can get more out of your customer and keep them as loyal customer.

How does inbound marketing boost our sales?

There are 2 key ways that inbound marketing boosts sales for your eCommerce business:

1. It Attracts

It attracts new web visitors and converts them to customers.

2. Evangelists

It turns customers into long-standing, brand evangelists.

The ultimate aim, from Inbound marketing is to increase the average order value and the lifetime value of your customer.

It sounds complicated but it isn’t. It’s just a matter of communication. Attract new customers with content that you are sure they will enjoy and engage existing customers by keeping in touch with them continuously giving them what they love. Personalised offers, content that suits their particular needs. Build brilliant relationships with your customers and they will stick around for more.

Where should you start with Inbound Marketing?

You first have to understand who your ideal customer is and what their common questions are and at what stage.

The best thing you can do is- Interview your customers and record them. Or you can interview experts. You might have someone who's a product expert in your business. Get the phone, iPhone, stick it on and ask them the question. They can answer it, transcribe it. We've got lots of services that are less than a dollar a minute. So it really is sustainable. And then that creates the content. And even if you are the person who's the expert, record yourself and then get it transcribed. And then if you have to outsource an editor, if you don't have that internally, that's not gonna cost a fortune, and I think that's a good start.

Core to the Inbound Methodology is this concept that people go through three stages in their buying journey.

  • Awareness Stage

    I have symptoms but I don't know the definition of the problem.' So I search and find out what is my problem, what's the name of my problem?

  • Consideration Stage

    I know what my problem is. How do I solve it? There are many ways to solve it.

  • Decision Stage

    I know what I want. Who am I going to buy it from?

And so you need to understand your ideal customer, what are the common questions of each of those stages. That will help you come up with a list of titles and questions that you can blog about.

And then, you start blogging! If you prefer, record a podcast and get the podcast transcribed!

Begin Your Inbound Journey

Take it slow. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Take time to get to know your customer and then inbound marketing will be easy.

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