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Q10 Why do companies like Dollar Shave Club, Squarespace and Wix primarily use YouTube for advertising?

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2019


Hi, I am Matt Edmundson and today I am answering the question ‘Why do companies like Dollar Shave Club, Squarespace and Wix primarily use YouTube for advertising?’

The truth is: You predominantly see these advertisements on YouTube because that is where you hang out! That does not necessarily mean it is Dollar Shave Club’s only method of advertising - it’s just one realm of successful advertising for them.

YouTube is great - IF your customers are hanging out there. The most important thing to do is to find out where your customers are and then you can go market in that same space.

 That said, for these particular companies YouTube makes a lot of sense as that is where they can showcase their platform in order to engage people. Visuals are a great story telling tool and YouTube is perfect for that.

The question for you, your brand, your product is whether video would be a effective tool for you to tell your story. It's worth considering.

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