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eCommerce Website Review: Perfecting the Customer Journey, so that They Buy More


Hi, my name is Matt Edmundson - digital business coach and entrepreneur. I offer a free website review to anyone who signs up at

In this video, I review who requested a review, commenting that their main goal is to increase conversion rate. I want to help Express Safety perfect their customer journey in 3 easy steps.


First, separate...

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eCommerce Website Review: 6 Steps to Convert Customers Who've Never Heard of Your Product!

 Hi, my name is Matt Edmundson and I am an eCommerce coach offering free website reviews! Head over to to order your own free eCommerce website review.

In today’s video, I review - this is a website that sells soft gel balls and battery powered Gelsoft guns for family fun shooter games.

I have 6 tips for Gelsoft on reviewing their website:


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