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Welcome to Kuriosity: a podcast where I coach eCommerce entrepreneurs just like you, as well as interview experts that will help us grow online.

Kuriosity is a podcast where Matt does a coaching call with an eCommerce entrepreneur, finding ways to pivot their online shop. Matt also interviews experts in the field of eCommerce, unpacking practical tips and ideas that will help us all grow our eCommerce websites.

I’m Matt Edmundson - eCommerce entrepreneur and coach.

In 2006, I set up my most successful eCommerce business - Jersey Beauty Company. That business has gone on to be an 8-figure online store. This led me to create a unique framework for eCommerce - creatively named the JERSEY Framework (Ahem!).

I took this 6-step concept for running and scaling a successful online store and taught it to other eCommerce entrepreneurs across the globe. Amazingly, their eCommerce results spiked. One client commented that their annual sales increased by over 500% and they were able to grow a worldwide sales base!

On this podcast, I coach entrepreneurs, like you, through different aspects of the JERSEY framework to find key ways to overcome challenges faced in such a fast-paced industry.

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