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Discover the top three things that will help your website deliver digital WOW.

If you are like most of our clients, you have a real desire to see your website perform better. So tell us a little about your website and our team will have a look and come back to you with three suggestions that you can use to drive website performance and engagement. This is a free service, performed by humans that just want to help.

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I am a digital mentor

I help e-commerce business, website owners, charities and digital agencies to design, develop and grow their digital, online success.

If you are like most most of our my clients, you have a real desire to see your website succeed. You want it to function well, to actually work and to look great. What you actually want is something that you can be proud of, something you can point to when talking to other people about your business or cause and know that they will think better of you as a result.

But all too often, we become frustrated with our websites. They don’t perform how they should, there always seems something that needs fixing and we are never quite sure what people think of our site when they see it. Worse case scenario, we can even feel a little ashamed or embarrassed with our websites.

Are you proud of you website?

  • Do you feel like the world of the internet is changing so quickly that you can’t keep up?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with all of the social media that is happening right now?
  • Do you feel uneasy about your website at the moment but unsure why or what to change?
  • Do you feel frustrated being at the mercy of a website designer that just doesn’t seem to get you and your business?

I’ve often looked at my website, and winced

All of us feel that way. I’ve definitely been there.

I’ve had websites that I have invested time and money into just sit there, and no-one seemed to engage with. I know what it feels like to have everything around you change so quickly that you feel like you can’t keep up. I’ve ran e-commerce websites for years, and the world would often change quicker than I could keep up with - so sales would decline and the business would suffer.

I found out that it can be very different

Over the years we have had to adapt as a company and as a result we have developed a great system that has enabled us to keep up, to make progress and to always have a website we were proud of. A website that just works, where people come and engage with us and buy from us.

So now, I look back and count that the companies I run have sold over $50m of product through our website around the world. We still ship product to the four corners of the globe each and every day.

I am also the CEO of Matt Edmundson Ltd, a company that specialises in helping website owners increase their online engagement through practical, real-world-proven principles.

I’m married to a beautiful lady (Sharon) and have three extraordinary kids. I live in the UK, work with clients here and as far away as the US and even New Zealand - and I love what I do. It’s a real privilege to work with amazing people delivering their digital WOW.

Find the right starting point


You don’t have to feel overwhelmed with your site or even disappointed with it. You can get to grips with the Internet, take it by the proverbial horns and really deliver some digital WOW that you, your team and your customers will all be proud of.

We have a great free resource that will help you get started on your journey too. Just tell us a little about your website and your hopes for it, and our team will gladly spend some time looking over your site and sending back to you a report outlining three key areas we think would make a big difference to your website engagement.

This service is without obligation and performed by humans (rather than robots or computer scripts), so take advantage whilst we can make this available.

Get my free report

How it works

The process for getting your free report is simple, as easy as 1-2-3.

Step One


Tell us a little about your website using our web-form.

Step Two


Our human team will have a look at your website, review it and write a fab, free report for you.

Step Three


You implement the ideas of the report and see you website start to become the website that you actually want!