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Hi, I'm Matt.

I love to work with digital entrepreneurs looking to launch their first eCommerce business or scale their existing website through experience-based learning.

Where is your eCommerce business?

Which of the 4 stages list below best represent your eCommerce business?

Stage 1: Research

You are actively looking to set up your eCommerce business and want to know where to start.

Stage 2: Startup

You've started your eCommerce business and looking for ideas on how to make it work.

Stage 3: Expand

Your eCommerce business is growing and you are developing your team.

Stage 4: Fly-Wheel

Business is in that sweet spot where it is growing, the team are doing well and life is really good

"Matt’s ability and insight, especially in the realm of digital engagement is second-to-none especially as he can offer first-hand, real-world advice from his own companies. Matt has helped us on several large international projects. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again. If you are thinking of using him to help with your company, especially on your digital strategy – then go for it!""

Simon O'Shaughnessy
- CEO, Carista

Brand New Course 
Coming Soon

Ever struggle to find the best products to sell online, products that are in demand and generate thousands of sales? Matt is going to release a brand new course that shows you the same method he uses to find exceptional products that have generated millions in world-wide sales. 

eCommerce Fanboy

I've been around the world of eCommerce since 2002, and that's turned me into a bit of an eCommerce fanboy (which, according to Google is someone who behaves in an obsessive or overexcited way). 

I am a business guy who has had more failures than successes; it is just that my successes far out-weigh my failures. More importantly, I have a great team that can make magic happen. I've got a bit of a loud mouth (in a good way!), and I'm always bouncing new ideas around. I am someone who likes to challenge the 'norm'. I get a kick out of developing teams so that capabilities match the company culture. I know that 'culture' is the most important thing for me to focus on so that work stands for something more than just a paycheque.

If I could afford it I would buy Liverpool Football Club for no sensible reason: I'm just a fan. My kids would prefer me to buy an Aston Martin, and my wife would prefer me to spend the money on the house (or donate it). Being a family man I exercise the skills of negotiation and compromise: I buy gadgets.

I love to connect with new people around the world, so get in touch, especially fellow 'eCommercers'!

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