Got the eCommmerce bug but need help to get more sales, or even the first sale?

That’s exactly what I do my friend. 

I’m Matt Edmundson, the eCommerce Coach, and it’s my passion to help eCommerce entrepreneurs set up and run their dream eCommerce site, one sale at a time.

I've been running my own eCommerce businesses since 2002, which in Internet years is a very long time! My sites have generated over $50m in sales and have shipped over 7 million products to most countries on the planet.

Over the years I found more and more people reaching out to me asking for help and the 'secrets' to running a profitable eCommerce business. Seeing the need I set also up an eCommerce Agency to consult eCommerce businesses all over the world on how to do online business well.  

Now, I am bringing all of that learning together into digital form and distributing it on the internet (some for free, and some through paid courses). I am eager to help other aspiring online entrepreneurs take their web-shop to the next level. I want to offer encouragement and advice to businessmen and women that are desperate to make daily sales from their eCommerce store.

Regardless of what platform you are on, I will give you a free website review and give you encouragement, tips and advice to help you grow your business in minutes.


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